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Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc.


Florida Section of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, And Exploration, Inc.




The name of the Section shall be the Florida Section  SME (formerly know as the Florida Section AIME).



 Authorization and  Purpose

 The Florida Section of SME was authorized by the Board of Directors at its meeting in Columbus, Ohio, on September 27, 1949.  The purpose of this Section shall conform with the purposes stated in ARTICLE TWO of the Bylaws of the  Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc., hereinafter referred to as the Bylaws of the Society.




In accordance with ARTICLE FOUR of the Bylaws of the Society, all Members and Associate Members of SME residing in the state of Florida shall be eligible for membership in this Section.




The officers of this Section shall be a Chairman, a Vice Chairman Programs (Chairman Elect), a Vice Chairman Membership, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and a Past Chairman, who shall be elected annually.  All officers must be Members or Associate Members at the time of their election, in good standing with SME.



Election of Officers

The first year Director shall serve as the Nominating Chairman.  A slate of one or two candidates for each office shall be presented to the Executive Committee for approval prior to the regular May meeting.  The slate of officers are to be nominated at the May meeting.  Other nominations from the floor will always be called for by the Chairman before the nominations are closed.  Officers will be elected by mailed ballots with the results to be announced at the regular June meeting of the Section and serve for terms of one year starting July 1st each year.  A candidate must receive a simple majority of the votes cast.



Executive Committee

All matters of policy affecting this Section shall be controlled and directed by an Executive Committee consisting of the current Chairman, Vice Chairman Programs (Chairman Elect), Vice Chairman Membership, Treasurer, Secretary, immediate past Chairman, and three directors to be elected by the Section, one each year for a term of three years.



Duties of Officers

The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Section and of the Executive Committee.  He/she shall appoint special committees and perform all other duties that pertain to the direction of the Section.


The Vice Chairman Programs shall serve as the Chairman Elect and be responsible for the arrangement of programs and incidental details relating to the meetings and also serve as Publicity Chair.  The Vice Chairman Programs shall be responsible for preparing the meeting notices.  In the absence of the Chairman, he/she shall serve as Chairman.


The Vice Chairman Membership shall actively recruit new Members and Associate Members for SME and shall serve as College Student Relations Chair which includes General Chairman of the annual fund-raiser (barbecue).


The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all monies received by the Section with the approval of the Executive Committee.  The Treasurer shall prepare the annual budget and submit the financial records to SME annually.


The Secretary shall record the proceedings of the meetings of the Section and the Executive Committee and keep membership records and mailing addresses current.



Committee Chairs

The immediate Past Chairman shall serve as the Section Representative to SME and the Phosphate Conference Chair.


The first year director shall serve as the Nominating Chair, the second year director as the Chair of the Engineering Weeks Awards Banquet, and the third year director as the Scholarships Chair.


Other special committees may be appointed by the Chairman as needed.




The meetings of this Section shall be held on the first Tuesday of each month (September through June) at a time and place to be announced by the Vice Chairman Programs.  Under changing circumstances, the meeting date may be set by the Executive Committee for a given month or by a majority of the Members and Associate Members present at the preceding meeting.


At all meetings, properly announced, a quorum for the conduct of business shall consist of 20 Members or Associate Members.


The order of business at meetings of the Section shall be:

Call to order by Chairman (or in his/her absence by a Vice Chairman or past Chairmen)
Reading of the minutes
Report of the Treasurer
Reports of other officers and committees
Unfinished business
New business and communications
Introduction of guests




Local dues or assessments on the membership of the Section must be approved by a majority of the Members and Associate Members voting by mail ballots.


In any one administrative year the local dues and/or assessments cannot exceed a total of $3.00 per member.



Amendments to Bylaws

Amendments to these bylaws shall be made by a two-thirds vote of Members and Associate Members voting by mailed ballots.  Amendments will be presented to the membership by the secretary on the written request of at least ten Members or Associate Members or three members of the Executive Committee.



Disposal of Funds Upon Dissolution

On the dissolution of this Section, all funds remaining after the payment of its debts and obligations shall be turned over and paid to the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc., or in case of its dissolution to another organization exempted from taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.  This article of the bylaws is not amendable during the existence of this subsection.



Parliamentary Authority

Roberts’ Revised Rules of Order shall be the official guide of this Section in conducting business.


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